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Leap Frog Pop Up Card

06 Jan 2016

Happy New 2016!

Hop into the year with glee with this DIY Pop Up Card!  It's fun and super easy to do.

 Learn how to make any kind of Pop Up Card in the process!

Here is how it will look like.  (You can include a note to the recipient of your card on the top portion.)


1. Print the template below this post.
2. Cut the solid lines at the center of the card and fold at the dotted lines.
3. Cut the figures of the frog, banner and flowers.
4. Glue the A frog to the part on the card with "A" and do the same for B and C.
5. Write your message on the top with a white or silver gel pen.  A black pen can also be used so long as it is readable.

That's it!  Enjoy!

*This project is for non-commercial use only.

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