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How I made my Fabric Journal Cover!

18 Jan 2013

I started a new journal for the year
and wanted to make a fabric cover.
I cut up some cardboard 
a little bigger than the pages inside
which were half the size of a short coupon bond.

 Next I looked through my stash of cloth
and lace

and buttons and ribbons....
I keep a lot of these, just in case...

I audition the cloth and embellishments
to see how it looks.

Then I start doing embroidery-
cross stich, blanket stitch, etc.
Just doing what makes me happy.

I have to make the cloth big enough 
to cover the front and back.

Next I folded the cloth in half,
with the front side facing each other.
Then I traced the cardboard cover on to the cloth
with pencil.
I then sewed it up on the wrong side
with running stitch, making sure that it won't be 
a tight fit for the cardboard cover.

 I then invert the cloth, insert the cardboard cover
and thin fiberfill stuffing.
I put holes in the cover using a fine pair of scissors.

Here is the finished product!

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