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Fun and Crafty Ways to Re-purpose Bookmarks

17 Mar 2023

philippine kraft paper bookmark

With a little time and a few art materials, you can experience the joy of creating something truly unique with these charming and inexpensive bookmarks!  They are made of 100% eco-friendly recycled paper and have an earthy, rustic feel so they are just lovely to use for that trendy vintage look.
cat bookmark eco friendly natural kraft

Bookmarks are not just for saving the page where you stopped reading.  They are great to re-purpose for crafts and decorating!  Since they come in different designs, you can pick your favorite one and mix and match them.  We are sure you can think of more ways to use them as this is by no means an exhaustive list.  We hope you have fun with them!

diy greeting card animal kraft paper


Since they come pre-cut, all you have to do is paste them onto the cover of some folded paper to make a nice greeting card.  Put some borders around or color in a background scene.  You can also write or print out words around the figures to express your sentiment.  It can also be a postcard!

philippine scrapbook journal kraft paper


Preserve your memories in an artsy way through scrapbooking.  Instead of photo corners, these bookmarks can be wonderful picture frame "holders".  Add some photos, dried flowers, letters from a dear friend, bus tickets, maps, and more!  Decorate with stickersrubber stamps, kraft paper and magazine clippings.  You can also use cutout gift wrapping paper to decorate your pages.

kraft paper philippine buntings


Have that festive feel even when you don't have a party going on!  These kraft paper figures look nice together so just staple them together so they look like they are holding hands.  They are an instant pick-me-up!

philippine kraft gift tag


Make your gift wrapping more special and endearing by adding a bookmark to the top as a gift tag or as an accent.

kraft stick puppet


Have some quality time with the children and fuel their imagination with this craft. All you need is a stick, adhesive, and a backdrop and you can put on a show for the kids!  You can draw the image or print out a scene from online.  You can also just use a blanket to make the curtains for the show.

What else do you use papemelroti products for?

We'd like to share Joeanne Craft's project using papemelroti downloadable printable paper dolls.  They made an exciting and colorful world of characters!  Great job!

Until next time, enjoy handcrafting with love!
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