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Freebie Frame Printables

01 Jul 2017



Anyone up for a freebie?  Can we see a show of hands!  
You there, this if for you!   If you're not sure what Freebie Frames are for, read on.  

Created by Papemelroti artist Calej, they're individually hand-drawn and digitized for you to use and share.

They are all free to use, but we are making this available for download for a limited time only!  So be sure to get them while you can!

These images have a wide variety of fun purposes!

Components like these are popular for digital scrapbooking and photobooks.  We've made them available for use for a limited time.

Photo Border Picture Frame

Make your photos stand out!

How to do this project: 

1. Use a Photo editing application like Photoshop. 

2. Measure the space inside your picture frame.  

3. Look at your picture and see how much of the border you want to use over the picture.

4. Place the frame layer image file on top of a solid color file to make the white design pop!  

5. Resize to your desired specifications.  

6. Print and cut and arrange on your picture frame.

Wall Art

Give your room a boost by framing your favorite quote and using it as decor.

How to do this project: 

1. Print our Love never Fails Wall art then go to no. 3 
Use the same method above (see Photo Border Picture Frame) to make the final art. 

2. At this point you can type in the wordings / quote you want to use.
use calligraphy after printing to put the words.

3. Print using a colored printer.

4. Frame and hang.

Bottle Decor

We love bottles!  They reflect and bounce off light and always add a lot of prettiness to their surroundings.

How to do this project: 

1. Finish up a bottle olive oil! (Kidding!)  Use whichever bottle you want to use.

2. Print the label on clear acetate.

3. Cut out the frame as neatly as you can.

4. Write desired words inside the frame using a permanent pen.

5. Put a thin layer of white glue on the back side of the acetate.

5. Stick onto your bottle.

Book Cover

Never mistake someone else's notebook for yours again.  You can also easily use these labels to identify what's inside photo albums and textbooks in a decorative way.

How to do this project: 

1. Make a sheet of similarly sized labels (in the size/s you want) using a photo editing app.

2. Print the label on kraft paper or any other colored paper.

3. Cut and stick on to your notebook / book!


You'll need to have nice card stock paper for this project.

How to do this project: 

1. Download the design here 

2. Print on the right side of the paper so it can be folded later on.

3. Cut and write in your personal invitation inside.

Spice Jar
Make everything look so coordinated with these labels!

How to do this project: 

1. Resize the frames into the label sizes preferred.

2. Line them up to save on paper.

3. Print and write on.

4. Stick!

So we hope you are sufficiently convinced that these labels are tops!  Here they are!  Choose which ones you like the best.

Circle Rose Frame Border

Intricate Border

Intricate Border

Traditional Frame Border

Vine Frame Border

Wooden Rectangular Frame

Hurry!  Download them now as they're here only before July 15th.

Oh and you may use these for commercial use without attribution necessary.

But as a thanks please visit our website and link to us wherever you are able to put in our shop.  This will really help our site gather more viewers.

Have fun!

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