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Free Summer Sticker Download!

29 Apr 2014
"He will give a crown of beauty for ashes, a joyous blessing instead of mourning, festive praise instead of despair..." Isaiah 61:3

It's the Easter season, a time of great rejoicing!  Let's be festive and celebrate for we have a lot to be grateful for!  We are greatly loved by God and He has given us life to the full!  See His promises for us who believe here.

Let's get on with the freebie!

A lot of us are having vacations, traveling and enjoying the summer sun so we decided to give you an Easter gift you can enjoy during this season!

What better way to remember your awesome time at the beach by scrapbooking it?  With the children out of school and needing some amusement, this is the perfect time you can do it.  PLUS... (you probably didn't know this little bit of trivia) May 4 is THE National Scrapbook Day!  (and some say the International Scrapbook Day is on March 4)... it's confusing I know.  Thousands of "scrappers" or scrapbookers" hold events just to do some cutting and pasting!

They call these parties "crops" because this is what you keep doing to the pictures - trimming it to the size you want.  Isn't that neat?


So here's a fun, bright design you can use for your project.  Print it out on Sticker Paper so it's easier to decorate your pictures with.  If you find sticker paper too expensive, check out the other option below.  Cut the different shapes and print as many times as you want!

Commercial purposes are not allowed.

1. Click on the image above and it will lead you to the larger image for downloading.

2. Right click on it to download and choose "Save as".

3. Print on Letter size sticker paper.

ANOTHER OPTION:  Create your own sticker mix

It would be much better if you can make the scrapbook with your family so you can reminisce over all your adventures while you're putting it together.  Make it a picture party!  Make it a another memorable day of summer!

We apologize for our readers who are in other parts of the world (where it is Spring instead of Summer).  Just think... you're getting a headstart!  Hope you found that amusing :)

Need more scrapbooks?  You can refill your stock by ordering online Papemelroti at our Scrapbook section.

Visit our Craft section for more ideas on how to spend your vacation time...
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