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Free Downloadable Wallpaper and e-Cards

16 May 2014
Papemelroti had guest designers - Pat de Leon and Lara Evalle, from the University of Santo Tomas College of Fine Arts and Design.  We are sure you're thrilled that they have willingly shared with us some of their work.  

They've got such delightful typography.  Don't you think?

To save, just right click the image and then "Save as" on your computer.

Free Downloadable Ocean Wallpaper Graphic

Pat said of her experience working with Papemelroti, "On-the-Job-Training in a company with a huge name in the Gift Shop business, in reality it is more than a gift shop, is a great opportunity.

The experience with the company was a great help not only with regard to my college requirement.  It was something I really wished for since I was a little girl . . . . Every time when parents and I visited Papemelroti Shops.

I would like to take this chance to give my appreciation to the Papemelroti family and those who were a great help in cultivating my craft. I will not fail to remember the thought you have given to me.

Thank you and hoping we will meet again soon."

You may use these images for your personal projects.  No commercial use is allowed.

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