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Fabric Collage Mirror

31 Aug 2012

 This craft project, a fabric collage
(for want of a better term!),
was made for a local TV show,
They wanted me to demonstrate an 
arts and crafts project.
It will be shown Sept. 4, Tuesday next week,
8 pm on GMA NewsTV.

 This can be used to decorate a mirror,
a frame, a blackboard,
or even a frame on a scrapbook, etc.

First you have to cut out pieces of cardboard
in the shape of your design.

I am making a girl, but this can easily 
be a cat, flowers, a baby,
stars, books, a basketball.
It really depends on where 
you will put the mirror or frame,
or whom you will give it to!

 Next you will cut out some fiberfill 
in the same shape as the cardboard.

 Cut out fabric with a little margin
in the same shape as the cardboard.
Afterwards, use the glue gun to attach the fabric
to the cardboard,
with the fiberfill in between.
Make sure that it is well shaped.

 Here I am auditioning the pieces to see
how it will look.

 For the hair, I did not use cardboard
and fiberfill.
I just pasted the cloth on a piece of paper,
cut out the shape and attached it with
hot glue on the back,
and the bangs on the front.

 I used moving eyes, and made drooping eyelids.
I cut out the nose from the same fabric
and lips from a pink fabric.
I used a sort of soft leather for the face,
but if you are using fabric that easily frays,
you may paste the fabric on paper
before using it for the nose and eyelids.

 Here is the part I like!
Adding embellishments!

If you are making a stand up mirror,
you will have to put a strong 
cardboard backing to make the head stand.
If you want the mirror to hang
on the wall,
then a paper backing will do.
Attach eye hooks to the back of the mirror or frame
to hang it on the wall.

We appreciate your comments
and I know it takes time and effort,
so we'll pick one comment next week 
to win one of our 2013 planners.

This one says
"Don't forget to wear your invisible crown."
It's one of my favorite designs
(of course that's because it's mine!!!) 

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You may want to see 
other do it yourself projects at
Show Me What Ya Got at Not Just a Housewife 


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