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Dream Big

22 Mar 2007

Dear Friend,

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined. - Henry David Thoreau

Even before your highest aspirations come true, you must already step out in confidence and believe that they are just around the corner! Having this attitude of perseverance and expectant faith will get you to the fulfillment of your dreams faster than ever.

Consider the man who wants to have his own business but is stuck in a dead end job. He has 2 options: he can "give up" or he can actively wait for his opportunity by reading magazines about the field he wants to succeed in, search on the internet for tips... all the while 'defining' and 'fine tuning' his dream so that when the opportunity comes, he is prepared to step up to the challenge!

What option would you take? Would you like to "live the life you have imagined"? Make a commitment to yourself today to dream big and keep believing in yourself, in the beauty of your dreams and most specially in the God who put that dream in your heart!

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In this issue

Are You Dreaming Big Enough?
Some Summer Suggestions
Revive Your Soul this Lenten Season
Reseller's Corner
New Products from Papemelroti

Are You Dreaming Big Enough?
Here's an excerpt from Alan Cohen's article online. You might want to try it!

On a piece of paper, write the heading, "Know I Can." Under the heading, write down three goals you are confident you can accomplish, and probably will, within a matter of time. Below that section write, "Maybe I Can." Then number 4 through 6, and write down three projects you would like to do, but wonder if you really can. These are the dreams that stretch you beyond your current boundaries, but seem within the realm of possibility. Finally, write the heading, "Outrageous," and for numbers 7 through 9, record the three most outlandish visions you can think of, the dreams that thrill you to consider, but you don't see how they could possibly happen.

The second part of the exercise requires that you read your list daily, spending about twenty seconds visualizing each goal (sixty seconds if you are inspired). Hold each image clearly in mind, and get the feeling that your objective has already been realized.
The exercise becomes even more fun as you check off each goal when it is accomplished. Your visioning will be met with miracles ... through avenues you could never have predicted. will be taking your first step toward thinking for yourself as God thinks for you.
(Papemelroti recommends you to read the full article)

Revive Your Soul this Lenten Season
Lenten events and activities we highly recommend! You don't want to miss these!
  • Pathways Day of Renewal - A few days from now will be Holy Week, a time to find rest, not just for our bodies, but more importantly, for our souls. In the midst of a fast-paced life, of stressful deadlines and late night meetings; of taxing client calls and nerve-wracking negotiations; of bills to pay and diapers to change; it is not only good, but really essential, that we take some time to slow down, step back and take stock of that which matters most in life --- our relationship with God. Come on March 25, Sunday, 8 AM to 12 noon, Layforce Chapel, Guadalupe - click here for map (includes Sunday mass). For more info, contact Rene 09189471120.
  • Ateneo Holy Week Triduum Retreat
    Spend time to pray and reflect, guided by Retreat Directors Fr. Raymund Benedict Q. Hizon, SJ, Fr. Johnny C. Go, SJ. and Fr. Jose T. Villarin, SJ. Dates: April 5 - 7, 8 AM -12 noon at Escaler Hall, Science Education Complex (SEC) Building, Ateneo Loyola Heights campus. Recollection fee: P1,000.00 per person (covers all 3 sessions). For more info click here

    For reservations and inquiries, kindly contact the Office of University Development & Alumni Relations, Florie/Mercy at Tel No. : (63-2) 426-6081 & 82,
  • Lenten Radio Retreat
    Franciscan Radio and the U.S. Catholic bishops encourage you to put aside today’s cares and worries, and take a “Radio Retreat”—online. Using either the Windows Media Player, Real Player or any MP3 player, including Apple’s iPod, take this opportunity to focus clearly on what God is saying to you this Lent. Each week a group of bishops leads you, in English or in Spanish, through the Lenten Gospels. Click here

Some Summer Suggestions
For the Naturalist in You
This can be a family project. Collect photographs of either different kinds of trees, herbs or flowers in your neighborhood (just be sure you don't tresspass, okay?). Find out their local names as well as scientific names. Jot down the smell, feel of each plant. Go a bit further and research on the medicinal properties of these plants. If you don't have a good camera, you can sketch them. After all the data gathering, you can make a website to share the information or better yet, record it as a family memorabilia scrapbook. You can also suggest it to a local publishing company if it's good enough! If it doesn't get published, you still would have reaped the benefits of breathing in the oxygen outdoors, bonding with the family and getting the exercise!

Join a contest!
  • Poetry writing contest - Maningning Miclat Awards open to all 28 & below, Deadline: April 2 Read more
  • Letter writing contest - If you're 15 or younger and have a heart for the environment, this may be your ticket to Switzerland. Deadline: March 31. Read more
  • One week trip to the French Alps - Outdoorsy are you? Just key in your contact info and you're in! Read more
  • ABS CBN Digital Movie contest - Open to Filipinos all over the world! Deadline March 28. Read more
Be an Environment Advocate
Start bike training for the 9th Tour of the Fireflies 2007 Tour! Everyone who can ride a bike can join the thousands of clean air advocates on April 15, 2007 starting at Tiendesitas, Pasig City. This annual event tries to bring back the fireflies by advocating pedal power rather than pollution-spewing vehicles. Read more

Reseller's Corner
Do you know your Reseller ID Number?
Yes if you have been our online reseller (since 2000), you have an ID number so when you place your newest order, you will automatically get the discounts for your wholesale purchase again! E-mail to verify your reseller ID!

Advertise your Distribution Outlet!
All resellers can now send their contact details for our customers to see on our website's distributor page. Click here to see our Distributor Page

Be a reseller of Papemelroti items! You don't have to have a shop or stall to join! Students and housewives can sell our products to friends and relatives and earn extra in the process! See our wholesale program for which option is best for you! Click here

New Papemelroti Products for Grads and More!
  • #990 Graduate of the Year Award Decoupage Plaque - available to personalize - just give us the picture and details of your graduate or if you don't have time, you can personalize this product on your own. Diamond at the center has wordings that you can replace with the picture of your graduate. Has inspirational sayings appropriate for any grad's dreams! P349 / $10 only (add P100 / $2.86 to have picture included) Click here to order online
  • #9010-184 Graduation Greeting Card with words "only as high as i reach can i grow, only as far as i seek can i go, only as deep as i look can i see, only as much as i dream can i be Inside: congratulations! God bless you as you reach for your dreams!" P14.75 / $0.42 each.
  • #201-183 School keychains in clear casing, great giveaway for your classmates and teachers! Readily available designs include UP, La Salle, Ateneo, UST, PLM, and many more! You can have us make your school too! Less 20% discount for an order of 50 pcs or more! Only P49 / $1.40 each
  • #9066-2 Graduate Button Pins in our 2007 design! P30 / $0.86
  • Floral meadow Giftwrapper is our newest wrapper! It is reminiscent of a field afresh with vibrant blooms and can be seen in our new arrival scrapbooks and boxes! Watch out for more matching items. Gift wrap is P9.75 / $0.28 each. See online
  • Leaf Imprint Scrapbooks in different colors and sizes now available!
  • #1-208 Birthstone Angel Touch with dress holds a poem about your birthmonth! Beads and silver heart metal accents adorn this angel. P119 / $3.40
  • #857-29 Guardian Angel Wall Hanging will help bring a blessing to your home by reminding you to pray its prayer of protection. P239 / $6.83
  • Tiled Wooden Letterholder is a classic gift for men or women or families. It's simple design can accent any kind of home, from country to traditional filipino or mediterranean! P159 / $4.55
  • More products at the stores!
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