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DIY Mother's Day Decor

25 Apr 2012
Mother's day is just a few weeks away so now is the perfect time to plan how to best honor Mom!

Here's how we decorated our shops.  We make it a point to try to be kind to the earth by using paper instead of plastic materials.

It's an easy way to beautify Mom's celebration or to decorate a summer party!

Here's what you need:

wallpaper (you may purchase these online at or other paper is possible too)
old book paper
old sticks (toothpicks or barbecue sticks)
carbon paper (optional)

How to make it:

1. Let's start by making the curly wallpaper strands.  Cut wallpaper using this pattern. Save the image below by right-clicking and "Save as".  Print and trace.   (You can use carbon paper to trace or just sketch it copying the pattern.).  Cut along the lines in the swirl pattern to create the curly strands.

2. Let it hang from the ceiling.  If too short, make more and just attach another strand of the same color to make longer.

3. Make 3 per side with different colors.  Hang looping in intervals along a window, wall or door.  It's up to you which part of your home you wish to decorate.

4.  Let's make the Flowers by cutting the wallpaper into this shape using the carbon paper to trace.

5. Cut old book pages using this pattern below.  Make 2 or 3 strips of this.

6. Roll the cut magazine strips around a toothpick tightly.  This will form the "bud".
7. Attach another roll so it will look thicker.
8. Glue at the end.

9. Fluff the ends so it is like a pompom.

10. Attach to the flower center hole.

11. Print this sign and hang all around the house.  You can also make small flowers and attach around the oval banner.  You can also opt to decorate this banner with curly strands all around the border.

We would love it if you sent us pictures of your home with this decor!  Feel free to comment below about this DIY project and what other crafts you want featured here.

A Crafty Soiree

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