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DIY Heart Doily Paper Mobile Project

26 Jan 2018

There was this time when a customer gave us feedback for the shop.  They said that they rely on the seasonal displays to remind them about what time of year it is - and that without it, they would have forgotten to buy gifts for their loved ones!  We didn't realize just how important it was until then!

We also know of a lady who changes the theme for her home every few months!  That's a lot of work but she had a lot of creativity and style and the house would always look so elegant.

Whatever season it is and whether you are at the shopping mall or at home, it's always nice to have a new look.  It just cheers everyone up!

Well, we thought you would want to get ready for romance with Valentines' day coming up!  This super easy project can just be the trick!  It's also pretty enough to stay hanging up there long after the Valentines season has passed.

DIY Heart Doily Paper Mobile

What you need:

Thick white letter size bond paper
Twig or a long stick
String / Nylon
Removable hooks (optional)

How to:

  1. Download the printable image files on your computer.

  2. Print the images in full color on thick letter bond size paper.

  3. Layout the images on a table in the way you want them to hang on the twig.  

  4. And then you can punch holes on the top portion of the designs or just use some masking tape if you don't want to do any punching to use for attaching the string.  Attach the designs to all the strings.

  5. Tie the strings to the twig and you can already hang this on your wall.  We recommend using some removable hooks.

This project is care of Papemelroti artist Calej.  You can check out her blog here.

This craft project and materials are for personal use only.

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