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Create some Collage Art

25 Oct 2023


collage art with paper and digital app

We all know her as the "pa" in PA-pemelroti and now we can take a sneak peek at her creative process. 

Her style can be characterized by colorful textures and shades of nature's garden.  Her art can always uplift as they come from a joyful heart.  She usually makes art long before everyone else has woken up and it is a form of prayer as well for Patsy.  She calls them her Sunrise Reflections.

Patricia "Patsy"Alejandro Paterno's art is as fun as child's play!  It's really hard to replicate because of the varied art materials she uses - magazines, stickers, pictures, stamps, paint and more!

You can get to know more about Patsy and her art from her HeARTworks blog.

Watch her timelapse video here and let us know what you think!

Patsy also sculpts and makes figurines for papemelroti shops so keep an eye out for her creations!

If you want to receive Patsy's daily art with reflections in your e-mail you can subscribe here>>>


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