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Christmas is the Joy of Giving

10 Dec 2009

God's eternal gift, His being Emmanuel or "God with us" and His saving love enables us to have generous hearts during this season and always!

  1. Give God your most precious resource: time. Do "The Annunciations of Advent", an online Advent Recollection by Fr. Johnny Go, S.J. Visit and experience God giving to you!
  2. "He who is generous will be blessed" (Prov 22:9). With the recent typhoon devastation, many have been finding truly heart-filled ways to spend their Christmas season. Instead of giving expensive gifts to their loved ones, they've opted to give simple tokens. They will then give what they will save to help the recent flood victims.
  3. This is the time to remember those whose families are far away and feel a bit lonely. The lady whose husband is an OFW? The parish priest or your church's pastor? A friend in need? Make this Christmas special in this way.
  4. Want to give a truly meaningful gift this Christmas? Give a gift you made yourself! Here are some ideas:
a. Memorabilia Box: To make this you can buy a cardboard box or recycle an old gift box and wrap with cloth and paper. Paste old family photos (with the backgrounds cut out) on the cover to personalize! Inside the box, put a heartwarming letters or notes of thanks from family and friends!
b. Homemade Scents: All you need is some small empty bottles, vodka and essential oils (click here to purchase at Papemelroti). You can choose from a variety of essential oils (only a few drops needed). Pour the vodka into a small empty bottle. Add 1-2 drops of essential oil. Shake well. Let sit for 1 week and your perfume is done! Add a nice label!
c. Safety Bracelet! Tiny beads and safety pins are all you need for this project. String the beads onto the safety pins and when all done, connect together to make fancy bracelet designs! You can use different beads and colors for this project! You can also try this as a necklace! Mix with other materials for a unique look!

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