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Childrens Crafts Giveaway

29 Oct 2014


In commemoration of Universal Childrens' Day on November 20th, we're having a Children's Craft Giveaway!    

You'll win something for your favorite little person and don't worry, we have something special for you too!

Time spent making something with your hands is so fulfilling.   What more if you were crafting with a special little person.  It makes for such a happy memory!  Have you ever helped a child with their craft project?  Created a work of art with them?  We want to see and celebrate it this November!

Papemelroti has come up with these creative but simple-to-do projects that are so much fun and you can win them all!  We're giving away these wonderfully crafty prizes to a lucky child and adult pair!  Take a look!

Paper Dolly Kit
Make your own paper doll.  Dolly comes ready to cut with clothes, shoes and things. Includes design sheet, coloring book, crayons, rubber stamp and scissors.  Made of 100% recycled paper.

Craft Cut Sheet
Best for decorating your scrapbook memorabilia.  They're made of 100%
recycled paper so you can help conserve paper in the planet.  Easy to handle and durable.  Just cut and paste to decorate your crafts!

Star Craft Kit
Thread in and out to create this beautiful star pattern.  Frame or give as a gift!

Animal Puppet Kit
With these Animal Puppets, you can spark up your creativity in just a few minutes!  Graphic Designer Robert Alejandro made use of the traditional brown paper bag as the base and thick recycled paper for the animal parts.  Use your imagination to decorate with crayons, paints, paper cuttings, etc.  (Each set is available with or without coloring materials.)  Make your own puppet show and have a roaring good time!   Develop a child's drama and art skills while spending quality time with each other!  Made of 100% unbleached recycled kraft brown paper, an earth-friendly material! 

Robot Soft Doll Kit
Here's a project to keep those creative juices flowing!  Spend a happy day making this together and see what you'll come up with!  You'll have everything you need to make these adorable pieces.   Each kit includes: stuffed doll shape with design, 5 fabric paints (mix for more colors), apron, rag, paintbrush.  Box Size 10 x 10 x 1.5 inches

64 pages each of Papemelroti original themed goodness.  Size 4" x 4", 35g

The Little Book of Nature 
A charming book that lets you enjoy nature in more than 50 ways!  Develops an appreciation for the environment.  A perfect gift for nature lovers.  Every page has a outdoor activity, whimsical illustrations and an inspiring quote for young and old alike!

Another amazing book designed by Papemelroti artist calej.  Made of 100% unbleached recycled paper.

Super Earth Saver
Here's a book that will help you save a lot of money (and even earn some while you're at it) if you recycle plus get a chance to "save the earth" in your own little way. 
Breathe new life into a plastic bag, egg carton, oversized t-shirt or a pair of old jeans!  So many fun and easy-to-do projects whether you are 9 or 90!  This is the 2nd in the series of fun little booklets by calej. Made of 100% recycled kraft paper linerboard cover and unbleached readably clear kraft pages.

Friendship Fun  

A booklet with illustrations and ideas all done by Papemelroti artist calej.  She's also responsible for the look of "Something to Thank  About" and "Things I've Learned Before I Was Born", both authored by Nimia Gamol Yumol and published by Word of Joy Foundation.  The Papemelroti Book of Friendship Fun will surely bring a smile for you and for your friends!  Get your copy today!  Made of 100% recycled kraft paper linerboard cover and unbleached readable clear kraft pages.

Here are our prizes for the adult!  Sorry it's just for a woman.  If you're a guy then this would be a nice present for a special lady in your life.

Here's something stylish to wear!  Love these on your lobes!

We know you just love children so here is a pendant you can wear.  It's specially for moms but an aunt or teacher would love this too!  It's an originally designed Papemelroti product by artist Peggy.  It will be a keepsake token for years to come.

The lucky winner will get ALL of these!!!


1. Post a picture of something that you and a child made on Facebook or Instagram.  It can be a craft or painting you did together! (It doesn't have to be recent but it's better if it was).  *** It must be a PUBLIC post (so we can see it).  You can post it on both Facebook and Instagram.  

2.  Cut and paste the words below to share with your picture:

I'm joining the Papemelroti Childrens Craft Giveaway with 10+ Prizes! @papemelroti  @Papemelroti Gifts  #papemelrotigiveaway05

[You can add other words to this phrase so long as you cut and paste it in its entirety.  Cut and paste by highlighting the phrase above and then press CTRL-C to copy and then put your cursor where you want to paste the words then press CTRL-V]

3. Don't forget this very important step!  Tag your photo to at least 2 friends!  You can tag more so more will like it!

4. The picture with the most likes wins!

CONTEST (now) ENDS January 29, 2014

We will be contacting the winner via your post and will announce it also in our
next e-Newsletter so watch out for that.

*Winners must reply within 3 business days or we will sadly have to pick another winner.
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