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Artistory: Meldy's Inspirations

24 Jan 2013

Coming up with new product designs every month is not a piece of cake but Papemelroti designer Meldy does it with ease.  What's her secret?

She is the "ME" in "PA-PE-MEL-RO-TI", meaning she comes third in the family of 5 siblings.  The acronym comes from the first syllable of the siblings' names in order of appearance - PA stands for Patsy, PE for Peggy, MEL for Meldy, RO for Robert and TI for Tina.  They are all designers for the family business.

Several articles and TV features on Papemelroti mention you as a fast worker, how do you do it? 
I visualize what i want to make in my mind first so the actual comes easy.

What music do you listen to when you create your sculpture? 
I like christian contemporary music,  dance music and the latest hit list.
Your products are very cute and whimsical, how do you conceptualize them?
Where do you get your inspiration? 
My family, world and God's creation around me are my inspiration.  The Isabel Angel (figurine) was fashioned after my daughter who had ringlets when she was a baby.  the rest are my son, husband, nephew, niece,cats, dogs, etc.

What are your favorite products that you designed and why? 
My favorite is usually the newest one i designed like my God is love angel.

*Meldy's products featured here are not yet in the shop (except the Isabel Collection).  This is your exclusive sneak preview!

*If you have a question for Meldy, just comment below. 
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