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7 Ways to Beautify a Box

26 Oct 2018

Brown is beautiful!

Do you find wrapping gifts a chore?  Do your gifts look bland and uninspired?  Are you tired of using all that paper which just gets thrown away after Christmas?  Well, we can remedy that!

Enter, the Brown Kraft Box.  It's made from recycled paper and it is so sturdy that you won't want to throw it away!
This handmade product will save you the trouble of calculating how much gift wrapping paper messy cleanups afterwards.

But wait, do you think that, kraft boxes are not really nice to look at?  Well, we are going to show you that brown is not boring!

Native basket fibers make a huge difference in how your gift will look!  They look really classy!  Find some neutral colors to go with brown.  Tie with twine and you're done!

If you are like us, we never throw things away.  A dress that just became too small will be used for the next craft project!  Looking into our little bag of cloth scraps. we found this long strip of fabric that we just tied around the box!  So easy!

Who would have thought that hardware shops were great places to find craft accents?  Find the best rope for you there!  This is a great idea for a guy's gift!

So you can add stuff to your rope box!  

We often have old Christmas decor that, with time, seem to fall apart.  Christmas tree branches get twisted off can be used to accent a gift.  

Who does not love lace?  It's such a versatile material.  Just wrap around your box and glue gun at the edges.  Be careful as your box might look more beautiful than the gift!  (Which is fine too, as the box is really part of the gift!)

Washi is so very easy to use.  The one we used was a cloth strip with a sticky side.  It's just so cute!

Want ready made boxes?  Visit papemelroti branches and get the size/s you need.  

Given enough time, you may also order any size you want from us.  Take note that since this product is individually handmade, you should allot more time for an order.

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