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2020 Words of Love Collection

17 Jan 2020

How do you express your love?  Is it in grand gestures or in everyday little acts of service?  We thought we would express it in Words of Love!

Words can tear us down or build us up.  We know the power of uplifting words and we made a collection just so you can feel loved every single day!

Don't think Valentine's day is just for sweethearts.  It's for everyone on planet earth because you were loved into existence by God!

This 2020 show someone you love them!  It will make their day (or even their year!)

Never be afraid of love.  Love is our purpose in this life.  There are so many chances to love!  The harder it is, the more it counts as LOVE.

What Words of Love is your favorite?  Tell us in the comments section below!  And thanks for the love!

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