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2008 New Year e-Newsletter

21 Jan 2008

Dear Friend,

It's the new year! Isn't it outstanding! super! fabulous! great???!!!!!

We've featured some ways to ensure you have a year like no other! This comes with a prayer for each of you that you have success and be blessed in everything you do! But more importantly, may this year be one to cherish with the people you hold most dear!

A blessed 2008 to you and your loved ones!

E-Newsletter Editor

In this issue

Having a Fabulous Year
Papemelroti Journals
Crafts School for Kids
Customer Tips for the Best Shopping
Books for Less
New Products from Papemelroti

Having a Fabulous Year
A wise man once said "Begin with the end in mind" and that's a good way to start 2008! What goals would you like to attain by the year's end? Make a chart like this:

Area is what part of your life that is. You might wanna work on your relationships with your family so put "Family" or your finances so put "Finances". It would be good to put all the major areas so you can see improvements in many aspects of your life by year's end!

Big Goal is something you want to attain and Baby Goals are the little steps you will do to attain your big goal. All of your baby goals should be realistic, attainable so you really get to achieve them.

Checkdate is when you should be able to have done your baby goals.

Plot all the checkdates on your Yearly planner so you can get reminded to do them!

Area - Self Growth
Big Goal - Travel to Many Places
Baby Goals & Checkdates
1. Identify how much vacation time you have and can have. - Jan. 12
2. Identify your dream destination/s. - Jan 13
3. Research on destination information such as places to stay,
eat, experience and budget needed. - Jan. 15
4. Plan the itinerary. - Jan. 25
5. Save up for the trip (every month plan). - Feb. 1
6. Purchase airfare.

*Don't be weighed down by your goals but rather be excited for the outcomes! Expect the doldrums to come - you will surely need an extra ounce of perseverance, boldness and courage to keep on keeping on in the path to your dreams! Remember that the journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step so as long as you keep on going in the right direction, you will eventually reach all your big goals this year!

Papemelroti Journals
We still have free papemelroti journals at many of our shops! Ask for your copy today!

Crafts School for Kids
This year develop and deepen your relationships with youngsters. You benefit from their vibrance and energy and they benefit from your wisdom and experience. Here are fun projects for the kid/s in your life, or even for the kid in you!

Toy Cars:
You need: cardboard (use cereal boxes), scissors, pencil, toothpicks, glue, art pens/ crayons and 4 rubberbands.

  • Draw a car shape on the cardboard about as big as your hand. Now draw a mirror image of that (for the other side).
  • Color your drawing using your pens/ crayons.
  • Cut out the 2 car shapes. They should be exactly the same size.Your drawings should have wheels. In the middle of the wheels, pierce the toothpick so it goes through. Pierce the other end of the toothpick on the mirror image drawing.
  • Secure the toothpicks with glue around the center of the wheels. Wrap around rubber band on the tips so it won't slide out.
  • By this time it should look like the drawing above. Cut a cardboard strip for the top of the car. This is also for holding the car together. Color this strip too if you like!
  • Make other vehicles like buses, trucks etc the same way!
  • Optional: make a freeway using different colored paper and pens. Draw streets and put cardboard houses too!

Paper Dolls:
You need: full standing pictures of people, cardboard, scissors, glue.

  • Look for a catalog or magazine with lots of pictures of people. An ideal picture to choose is of a person standing, full body shot with face front. Ensure that the person's attire fits closely to his/her shape. This is so that you can make clothes for the doll.
  • Cut out the outline of the person's photograph carefully. This will be your doll shape.
  • Paste the doll shape unto cardboard using white glue or paper paste.
  • When dry, cut out excess cardboard underneath so the doll shape is already more sturdy.
  • Make clothes, either from cutting magazines or from drawings you make yourself!
  • To make clothes you may use pictures of clothes, cloth pieces, or your drawings on paper. Cut these with a flap to use for hanging onto the paper dolls.
  • You may want to draw your own doll too. Click here for templates and more ideas.

Customer Tips for the Best Shopping
Schedule in the Mallwide Sale dates as these are the only times when Papemelroti goes on sale!
To get the newest products from Papemelroti and to ensure you have a lot to choose from, go to the branch on the day of their delivery from the main branch!

Mondays - SM San Lazaro, SM North Edsa, Robinson's Place Manila, Tuesdays - SM Megamall, SM Centerpoint, Glorietta 3
Wednesdays - SM Pampanga, SM Clark
Thursdays - SM Fairview, SM North Edsa, Ali Mall, Sta. Lucia East Grandmall
Fridays - SM Megamall, SM Southmall, Glorietta 3
Saturdays - SM Manila

Books for Less
Interested in distributing books in your area? E-mail us today for more information!

Stop by your nearest BFL branch today! It's easy to find the book you need at Books for Less! Just e-mail bookrequest@ or contact the TEXT Hotline at 630-9999 (no format needed). For other BFL inquiries, please e-mail info or call 371-4539 for details. For branches and other information visit their updated website at

New Papemelroti Products!
  • Eyeglass holders - Unique designs with a comical look with various designs. Doctor #1-1324, Pig #1-1325 - P189 / $5.40 each.
  • New Paper Packs in resin holders are ideal giveaway tokens. #1-1312 Have a wonderful life P98 / $2.80, and smaller size packs #1-1314 Have a wonderful life, #1-1290 God's promises, #1-1292 Family is a God given blessing and many more! P79 / $2.26
  • Candle holders make the event extra special! Each pack contains 2 candles as well. Available designs: #1-1317 Happy birthday, #1-1318 You are loved, Love, 3 angels, Candy Cane, Angel - P24.75 / $0.71.
  • Calling card holders in various themes to inspire you every day like #1-1310 God first, #1-1309 WWJD (What would Jesus do), #1-1307 "I can do all things in Him who strengthens me", #1-1308 Lawyers never lose their appeal, #1-1305 This desk belongs to a very important person and more! Made of durable resin. P79 / $2.26
  • Picture Frames in #1-1300 Icon, #1-1301 Basketweave and #1-1302 Spiral designs. Metallic look makes a great impression! Varied prices. Some at P189 / $5.40.
More products at the stores! Click here to order or inquire.

Papemelroti branches are located at: SM City North EDSA 9285828, SM Fairview 9393594, Ali Mall Cubao 9111267, SM Centerpoint 7161580, Glorietta II 8935477, SM Southmall 8064578, Casa Susana Alabang 8093829, SM Megamall 6341270, Sta Lucia East Grand Mall, Robinson's Place Manila, SM San Lazaro 7420143, SM Manila 5218607, SM Clark Pampanga (045) 4990080, SM Pampanga, Main branch: 91 Roces Avenue 3751069/ 3742442 / 4120887.
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