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2008 Father's Day e-Newsletter

06 Jun 2008

Dear Friend,

Being a father is much like flying a kite. You have to develop the right hold at all times. If your aim is to make the kite soar as high as it possibly can, you need to master the art of holding firm as well as the art of letting go.

Holding too tightly oftentimes limits flight power and will eventually lead to the kite succumbing to a fall specially when it's subjected to sudden gusts of wind.

Holding too lose will let the kite accelerate too fast and lead to a premature dive.

A practiced kite flyer knows his kite and it's capabilities. Is it strong enough to stand the weather's condition? Is it capable of flying higher? His hand instinctively knows when to hold firm and is sensitive to where the kite wants to go. He loosens his grip when the kite is stable enough.

We each want to see kids become the best people they can be. We want them to grow strong and be able to weather any challenge they come across, virtually being above the clouds that life may bring!

Let's love our friends and family too like a master kite flyer in how we deal with them. As their spirits fly higher and higher, we will find our hearts soar high with them!

Dad, your guiding hand on my shoulder will remain with me forever. ~Author Unknown

Happy Father's Day on June 15, 2008!

E-Newsletter Editor

In this issue

Fun Things to Do with Dad
Recycled Crafts for Dad
Books for Less
Reseller's Corner
New Products from Papemelroti

Fun Things to Do with Dad

Father's day is just around the corner and what better way to honor your father then to plan out a day in his honor!!! Here are some ways to give him a day to remember!
  1. Before Dad wakes up, set the breakfast table with greeting cards, gifts, balloons and decor for a big surprise!
  2. Let him have his favorite breakfast while his favorite music is playing in the background.
  3. Go play his favorite sport with him. Does he love fishing? kayaking? basketball? golf? If it's not your forte, have him teach you!
  4. Let him have a rest from household chores like cleaning the car and taking out the trash. Offer to do all these on Father's day!
  5. Try out a new restaurant which served Dad's favorite food!
  6. Give a personalized gift like his framed picture on the cover of his favorite magazine! Make your own art with this website! Click over to and print out the image of your own making into the size of a blank frame (8.5" x 11") and buy one of our ready blank frames in Papemelroti shops.

Recycled Crafts for Dad
There are countless ways to make useful items from old throwaways. Here are ways to show your father how much you love him, while saving the earth from trash while you're at it! Try them out and think up your own crafts!!!

1. Use an old tie for dad's sunglass holder. Make sure your dad won't use that tie anymore or you'll get into trouble! Click to Family for this novel idea!

2. Cut up an old sweatshirt's sleeves for a No-Sew Winter Hat for Dad. Cut the elastic off the cuff. At the wrist end, cut slits up the sleeve about 6". Randomly tie slits together in double knots. Not all the slits need to be tied, some can just hang down. Roll the other end up twice to make a brim. It's really that easy! Click to Making Friends site for more ideas

3. Spark your creativity! Find more fun ideas on this site!

Family Community
Today's world is full of stress and discouraging news. It's not easy to find inspiration and strength for daily living. Why not join a family-oriented Christian Community and learn how to strengthen and support each other to be the people God has created us to be?

Whether you are 9 or 90, a Christian community has a place for you to build strong relationships and grow spiritually. With many families breaking up, today's Christian needs a sheltering people, a family of families all together answering the challenging call to discipleship.

Learn traditions that unify and bring about a lifestyle of Christian living whether you're single, a couple, big family or grandparent!

Open house starts June 8, 2008 (Sunday)
(for Catholics) Mass starts at 8:30 AM, (for Protestants and other denominations) come at 9:30 AM, meeting lasts until 11:30 AM.

Venue: Casa Pura, #55 Sct Santiago cor Sct Rallos Sts., Quezon City just behind St Paul the Apostle Parish church.
*Parking lot exclusive for Casa Pura Customers at Sct Santiago cor Sct Limbaga Sts. There will be mass and fun activities for children ages 4-10 yrs old, so take them along. Feel free to invite someone you think might want to come.

Basic Christian Life Seminar starts on July 12, 2008 (Saturday)
2-4 PM and succeeding sessions thereafter at Casa Pura.

Free merienda provided for those who register venue to be announced.

Books for Less Updates
With your minimum purchase of P500 of regular priced books, GET FREE markdown books equal to your purchase!! until June 30, 2008.
**pre-owned books only. not valid with other promos & discounts.

BIG SALE at Roces Branch! SALE on Hardbounds- P49 - P99 Start your collection now!

Announcing! Wanted Bookstop or Bookfair DEALERS and DISTRIBUTORS of NEW and pre-owned books!

Contact: LANIE DE LEON 633-8584, 633-8557 / 0920-8131020 or email

Brand New children's books- as low as P49, cookbooks, home interiors, arts & crafts, atlas, youth bible, non-fiction, etc.

FYI: Casa Susana, Ayala Alabang and Mindanao, QC stores have moved out. Caltex Commonwealth Ave, QC store moving to 2nd flr. Berkley Square, Commonwealth Ave.

More fyi: Hot drinks on us! For every P250 purchase, get a FREE drink! Spend some downtime with us and enjoy a restful browse among our rich selection of reading material! Stop by your nearest BFL branch today! Click here to see which branch is nearest you! It's easy to find the book you need at Books for Less! Just e-mail or contact the TEXT Hotline at 630-9999 (no format needed). For other BFL inquiries, please e-mail or call 371-4539 for details. For branches and other information visit their updated website at

Reseller's Corner
Interested in a Papemelroti franchise? We suggest you try being a distributor first! Distributing our products will enable you to learn about the business first and will familiarize you with our company policies and procedures! It's easy to be a distributor! We give you the discount on your first purchase!

No store? No problem! With only P1000 minimum purchase, you can be a Papemelroti distributor! Contact us today for more information.

New Papemelroti Products!
  • Musician Wooden Box #240-119 An ideal gift for the budding or seasoned performer! Made of recycled pinewood with original Papemelroti design. Size 1.75 width, 4.5" x 2 5/8" length. 110g. P149 / $4.26
  • Wooden Shelves #148-489 An inspiring desk accessory for living or bedroom. With herb and butterfly design and bible verse to give you a grateful heart! Made of durable resin with acetate protection for the picture. Also available in other designs! P169 / $4.83
  • This is the Day Picture Frame #148-489 An inspiring desk accessory for living or bedroom. With herb and butterfly design and bible verse to give you a grateful heart! Made of durable resin with acetate protection for the picture. Also available in other designs! P169 / $4.83.
  • Abaca Weave Bag #131-2212 Lightweight and fashionably timeless, this bag can be for school, beach or for a day at the mall. Flexible and durable too. P98 / $2.80
  • Blank Wooden Frames #258-43 Instant frames for personalizing. No need to wait, just buy one and insert your 8.5" x 11" sized award, picture, etc. P189 / $5.40 each.
  • Scrapbook Collage Wrapper design is now available for crafty gifts, scrapbook projects, decorating boxes, notebooks, greeting cards and more! It's creative theme out of mixed media will inspire you to make your own works of art! P9.75 / $0.28 each
  • Jewelry Wire Frames #258-39 holds your favorite bracelets and earrings for all to view. P79 / $2.26 each.
  • Jeepney Wrapper in re-used white paper. We rarely use non-kraft paper but we decided we'd give this surplus white paper a new life! Carries illustrations of exhibited art - Philippine jeepneys by Papemelroti artist Robert Alejandro. Limited supply only.
More products at the stores! Click here to order or inquire.
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