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2005 Valentine E-newsletter

01 Feb 2005
Dear Friend,
If you were to rate yourself from a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 having the greatest love in your heart and 1 with the least love, how would you score? Isn't it true that our lives are not measured by how much money we make, how popular, smart or beautiful we are or even how many awards and achievements we have? Somehow it's the love in our lives that gives meaning and fulfillment to each passing day.

If you give yourself a score close to 10, count not only the love you give to your sweetheart, spouse or favorite people but the love you spare for people you meet everyday like the street sweeper or traffic aide. And even the homeless and hungry. Does your concern for their welfare extend to them?

If you find your score a bit low, you'll find some ways to get a higher one by Valentines day in this e-newsletter. Also try the age-old adage "Expressing love increases love" and remember the somewhat cheesy rhyme "Love wasn't put in your heart just to stay. Love is isn't love 'til you give it away." So give it away (!!!) and love will come back to you a hundredfold!

May each new day find your hearts a little closer, your lives a little fuller, your love a little deeper.

"Do everything in love" (1 Cor 16:14)

E-Newsletter Editor

In this Issue:

Fill Your Life with Love!
Valentines CD Craft
Exciting Events!
Yahoo! We've got E-mail!
Worth Clicking To!
Celebrate Family with Cafe Papemelroti
Books for Less Updates
New Papemelroti Products!

Fill Your Life With Love!
  1. For Families Play a game together! Card games about pairs like Monkey Monkey or Memory Game are nice. Also fun is the story game! One family member starts it off by saying "Once upon a time, in a faraway land, there was a ________" (fill in the blank). Each member continues the story saying at least one sentence each. Let everyone's imaginations flow freely! If the kids are too young, tell them the story of how mommy and daddy met!
  2. For Couples Make your own trivia on each other! Each person writes 20-30 quiz questions about himself. - Ex. "I love to eat ________." or "What is my favorite color?" Each must write down their answers on another sheet they will keep for later. When each person is done with the questions and answer sheet, they exchange questions and answer. Who do you think will get more correct answers? Take note: if your partner has a low score, it doesn't mean he/she doesn't love you - it just means he/she learned MORE about you during the game than you did! If this is just too much work, why not try sending a singing valentine (inquire at one of the mall's delivery service centers)!
  3. For Singles You have the most options for this event! You can actually share it with your family, friends or by yourself! If creative parties with friends, sending yourself flowers and pampering yourself at the spa isn't your cup of tea, why not be reminded of God's personal love for you? Reflect on 1Cor.13:4-8. Or read "What I Wish They'd Told Me About Marriage", Christianity Today's January 12 newsletter which can be an eye-opener. Don't forget your local priests and nuns as they need your greetings too!
  4. For Anyone Studies prove that people remember and enjoy most the valentines day when they gave gifts rather then received them. Way ahead of the day, plan what you'd like to do for others to express your love for them. The most fun is giving to the people who least expect to get anything. An example is giving an anonymous valentine present to someone who is a bit down (be sure it doesn't freak your friend out though).
  5. For Someone Extraordinary (not for just anyone) Were you moved by the images of tragedy due to the tsunami? There may be some of you who can help the volunteer effort! If you are 25-40 years old, have a good strong personality, physically, mentally and emotionally fit, then this may be for you. Please send your recent CV and photograph as soon as possible to : CCF Indonesia Volunteer for CAC in NAD Jl. Cempaka Putih Tengah I/5, Jakarta Pusat 10510, Tel : 424 7292, Fax : 428 77840 Email :, or or OR join the International Red Cross effort by sending your CV by fax to 021 - 7200335 attn. Veronika or by email to

Valentine CD Craft
Turn something old into something new and make someone happy too! Here is a project that doesn't cost much but does need your time, creativity and hard work to be a successful one! Old and damaged CDs don't have to end up in the trash! Try one of these recycled projects for the love/s of your life! Be very careful not to injure yourself making these projects.

CD Picture Frame - Cut cardboard into a 5" x 6" size. Break the CD into small pieces and glue them onto the sides of the cardboard - leaving the middle part empty. Glue on the picture of your sweetheart. For the backstand, cut out a triangle shape of 4" x 4" x 4". Glue only the middle part of the triangle to the back of the picture frame and fold the edges so that it will hold the frame for a desk. Trim so the backstand will be at the desired angle.

Coaster - Make little pink hearts 1" wide and paste it onto the shiny side of the CD. Use as a coaster.

Bowl for Bangles - Put the CD in the oven (not the microwave) and turn up the heat. Open from time to time seeing if it is malleable enough with some tongs. When soft, put over a metal bowl where it can be shaped and let it cool naturally. This can be used for bangles, marbles, plants or if you cover the hole, potpourri.

Decor - Use as a party decor by stringing together and hanging from the ceiling. If you have a lot of these, you can use it as a divider for your room.

More nifty ideas at 

Exciting Events
Moonrise Film Festival - (ongoing submission of entries) Ever dream of directing for National Geographic or Discovery Channel? Are you a whiz with the video cam? Do you care about the environment? If you answered yes to any of these, you're the candidate for the Moonrise Film Festival in August 2005! P100,000 is up for grabs if your environment documentary wins! More importantly, you can help raise awareness for our extraordinary Philippine biodiversity! Entries due May this year. For more details click to (the website is also something else to behold!)

Inspirations Unlimited Concert -(this February 2005) A venue for inspiring singles entertainment! Contact DZAS for more info!

Hot Air Balloon Festival -(February 12, 2005) at Clark Pampanga. Go with Nature Awareness Club. Fare is P250 for aircon roundtrip van. Bring your own baon and entrance fee - first come, first served. Please call Violet at 8061720 or 09194839250.

Takbo para sa Kalikasan of DZMM (February 20, 2005)for the Maintenance of La Mesa Dam Watershed, on Sunday 5 AM at the Quirino Grand Stand. Nature Awareness & Conservation Club, Inc will sponsor 20 participants on this event, if your interested, please call Violet at 8061720 or 09194839250.

1st International Philippine Marathon for the Pasig River - (February 27, 2005) Join the first point-to-point 42.195km full marathon in the Philippines that is anchored on an environment cause - the rehabilitation of the Pasig River! From Ft. Santiago to Fort Bonifacio, with 3K, 5K and 10K runs for beginners! Sponsor, volunteer, run! Registration is at the Clean & Green Foundation, Inc., The Orchidarium and Butterfly Pavilion, Teodoro Valencia Circle, Rizal Park, Manila 1102, Philippines. Telephone +63(2) 527-6376 / 527-6378 Fax: +63(2) 527-6379 For more details log on to

Worth Clicking To!
The Ultimate Valentine Cake - make something sumptious for your sweetheart!
Love Letter Collection - want to express yourself to your crush but just too chicken to do it? Send your letter to the online collection (just to get it off your chest). Parental guidance is required as some letters aren't too polite.
The Meatrix - Good for a serious laugh! Nothing whatsoever to do with Valentines. One of the funniest advocacy sites!

Celebrate Family!
with the Papemelroti Mediterranean meal for 4-5 people!
A feast for both the palate and the senses, this scrumptious pack includes Homemade Pasta, Breaded Fish Fillet, Garden Salad, Clam Chowder, Focaccia, French Fries and Brownies! All for P998.

Avail of a 10% discount for your next meal at Cafe Papemelroti! Just present a print-out of this e-newsletter and give it to our staff there!

Cafe Papemelroti is open from 11AM to 9PM on Mondays to Thursdays and 11AM to 10 PM Fri & Sat, Closed on Sundays (For parties we may extend our hours upon prior request and open on Sundays by appointment). For special arrangements and reservations please call the cafe at 3726799 or 0917+5181050.

We hope you come drop by the cafe & gallery soon! Click here to view online map

Books for Less Updates!
NEWEST PROMO! A meal worth P250 or more at Cafe Papemelroti gets you 20% off on pre-owned books at the Roces branch!

Coming soon! Mindanao Avenue, Quezon City branch! Watch out for it!

Visit all branches and get 20% off on all the new magazines until supplies last! New books now available!

It's easy to find the book you need at Books for Less! Just e-mail or contact the TEXT Hotline at 630-9999 (no format needed). For other BFL inquiries please e-mail call 371-4539 for details. For branches and other information visit their website at

NEW Products from Papemelroti!
  • Romantic Large Pansies & Violets Cellphone Holder in delicate colors. Personalizeable by putting your name (handletter with permanent pen or use letter transfers). Also available heart-ful "Hands are for holding, hearts are for loving" Cellphone Holder. Individually handpainted on durable resin. Both are P98 / $2.80
  • Send your love the cute way with our Angel Messenger of Love figurine! P79 / $2.26 each.
  • #199-17 Small Kraft Notebooks with a variety of cover patterns. Great for sketching and journalling! Weight - 90g, Size - 4.25" height x 3 3/8" length x 3/4" width, 32 sheets of thick kraft, 100% recycled plain unbleached paper inside. Only P39/ $1.12 each.
  • #7133-141 New Teen Girls Friends Kraft paper bag "Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery and today is a gift. That's why it's called the present." 8 3/8" height (not including handle) x 5 1/8" length x 3 3/8" width, 20g. P24 / $0.69 View
  • New Paper Pack Designs! #15-18 World's Greatest Mother, #15-17 Teachers and #15-16 Family encased in 100% recycled corrugated kraft boxes. P39.75/ $1.14
  • 7 New Greeting Card Designs! #9010-107 up to -165. 4 new Valentine card designs like "Always and Forever, Inside: I love you" you can give to your loved ones! See valentines designs
  • Full Color Paperweights with a variety of designs for everyone #143-139 Round, big - P59/ $1.69 #143-137 Round, small P49/ $1.40. #143-140 Square, big - P59/ $1.69 #143-141 Square, small - P49 / $1.40
  • #7013 Colored Stickers! on bright glossy paper - P3.50/ $0.10
  • Wish your love Heart Angel Chime coming soon and more Valentines Products still to come!!!

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