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2005 Happy New Year!

03 Jan 2005
Dear Friend,

Ka-Blang! Boom! Bang! Happy New Year!!!

Whatever our thoughts are on the new year, whether it signals another year of growing older, or the time to do some house cleaning, planning, or soul searching, or the opportunity to change, or move on, or to dream new dreams...(or even if you don't give it much thought at all). It will always be (or should be) the chance to celebrate another year of God's goodness in our lives!

Each second, each minute, each hour extending to another day, week and month makes up another year and one can feel as if each year is no different than the one before. Let's remember that each second is precious and unique and once gone can never come back to us.

More so should we value each moment - seeing for ourselves the shock and despair that can come without warning as that of the countless deaths from the recent tsunami and typhoons. Each person that was taken during the day these calamities struck could never have known that his time was up. Neither did any of their loved ones. Each moment is truly an irreplaceable treasure for us and for those who are dear to us.

This year 2005 is just crammed with precious and unique little seconds that we can either take for granted or use up wisely, treasuring and cherishing life in all its fullness. Let us look forward with joyful anticipation and never ever give up or lose hope in our dreams for our world, our country, our family, and ourselves for...

"God is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine..."-Ephesians 3:20

E-Newsletter Editor

P.S. Aside from our prayers for the victims of typhoons and tsunami, ways for lending a hand are featured in this issue.

In this Issue:

Ways to Make this New Year really NEW!
Annual 2005 Sale !!!
Thank you for being so Ukay-Okay!
A Million Signatures
Malagos Amazing Bird Show
Books! Books! Books!
Books for Less Updates
New Papemelroti Products!


Ways to Make this New Year really NEW!
1. Be a bearer of good news! Just look around you there is much to be thankful for! It takes a lot of effort to look for the good stuff (possibly 90% of what's on the news is bad don't you think?) but just this year, let's all try to be 'different'. For example, instead of thinking of the worst of our country being in the "Ring of Fire" volcanic area and having a typhoon-prone weather system, let's see how this geographical "accident" has made us the world's 2nd largest geothermal energy producer and hopefully in the future, the leading wind energy producer in Southeast Asia! (from Reuters )
2. Be a Hero. Ever dreamed of doing something exciting? Being a hero? But have a day job? Then be a superhero during your free time? Volunteer to be a firefighter! Call your local fire station and see if they have a volunteer program (many cities do already). How about learning how to save a person's life at any time? Get certified at a basic course at Red Cross! They need people to mobilize specially during disaster situations. Put your hard-earned gym workouts to good use! Call the QUEZON CITY Chapter at Diliman, Quezon City 9286181 / 9203672 / 4336568 or log on to for more info.
3. Learn something New. Have you always wanted to take up photography? travel? write a book? cook exotic dishes? mountain bike? take up gardening? Now is the time to start! You can make a hundred and one excuses like... I have no money or I'm scared of failure, or I have no time, or I'll plan it... next week. Don't put it off. Remember you are never given a dream without the ability to make it come true. You just have to work harder at it. A quest for learning is a quest for life!
4. Let's work together. Sometimes we practice a little too much critical thinking - we're so used to rating movies, restaurants, service, and expend a lot of energy discussing the latest failures of our leaders, government systems and what-have-you. Let's take a different stance this year! Let's keep in mind that we're all in this together! If we see something that can be improved, let's send our suggestions in! If we see something that is being done right, let's talk about that too! For example, Birdlife International has been applauding our government's move to protect our Philippine Eagle (one of the rarest birds in the world). By extending the protected Penablanca area (which is the eagle's habitat) to 30x its original size, the eagle now has a greater chance for survival! More info at
5. Go Museum-hopping! Our national hero Jose Rizal once said, “Ang hindi marunong lumingon sa pinanggalingan ay hindi makakarating sa patutunguhan” (He who does not look back to where he came from cannot expect to reach his destination). I guess it's a way to avoid making the same mistake twice. Let's learn about our heritage as a people (the fun way) by visiting museums! Visit one nearest you or check out for suggestions.
6. Lend a Hand! Many of us have already given generously for the typhoon victims. Yet the fight goes on. These people still need your support as it is their very lives that need rebuilding. They have lost everything they own and all their means for survival. Continue finding ways to give by volunteering for organizations like World Vision Foundation - found at 833 Quezon Avenue (right across Pantranco area). Call them at (63-2) 372-7777 / (63-2) 374-7660, e-mail or click to for more information.

Annual 2005 Sale!!!
Catch our annual once-a-year sale at our 91 A. Roces, Quezon City branch! Only on January 3 - 8, 2005. Get 20%off all items including furniture! See our furniture pieces at the 2nd floor and showroom at the 4th floor (please ask the sales staff to show you around) and see what we have in store! Click here to view online map

Thank you for being so Ukay-Okay! Segunda Mano Project
To everyone of you who gave clothing, shoes, household items, books and various other things for our December 4, 2004 Ukay-Okay Segunda Mano project, we thank you from the bottom of our hearts! We earned P16,000+ which will all go to Tahanan ng Panginoon Community ( for their livelihood as well as Christian life programs. Your contributions made many people happy with their very good buys as well. We also want to thank the volunteers who came that day namely Fe, Greg, Remy, Carmen, Lydia, Helen, Cito, Judith, Mae, Karen, Jeff, DJ, Luigi, Greg, Yselle, Chit. We hope that you will all continue to support this project in the years to come.

A Million Signatures
Do you want to make a difference in our country for our future and for our children? Then join Haribon's campaign for a total log ban and no mining in natural forests! We need a million signatures by Earth Day 2005! Let's try to stop the death and destruction which will definitely happen again if we don't act now! Let your opinion count! Download the forms at and have your schoolmates, officemates, friends (and even your enemies:) sign today! All forms must be submitted to the Haribon office at HARIBON FOUNDATION
Suites 401-404 Fil-Garcia Tower, Kalayaan Avenue, Diliman QC Tel: 436-4363, 434-8237, 436-2756.

Malagos Amazing Bird Show
This is a fun way to help conserve our wonderful Philippine wildlife and get to learn a lot too! One doesn't have to go to Singapore to see such an amazing bird show (Manila Bulletin, Sept 12, 2004). This show has left kids utterly amazed as they all sit in the new amphitheatre, whispering to each other "WOW." (Oct. 21 news article). So hurry! It's on it's last month! It has been on show since October 19, 2004 and will only last up to January 30,2005.

Catch it at the Ampitheater Area, Ninoy Aquino Parks and Wildlife Center, North Avenue, Diliman, Quezon City. Shows will be at 10am and at 3pm, daily, except Mondays. Ticket prices are P200 for general admission; P180 for students with ID; and P160 for Senior Citizens with ID. For ticket reservations, you can call +632 929-93-10 or 924-27-30 or call Ticket World at +632 891-99-99. You can also log on to

Books! Books! Books! a celebration of reading at the cafe, extended!
Visitors love the Cafe's new look! Grab a bite or a drink while indulging in the wide selection of books on hand! See the artworks by Papemelroti artists inspired by their love of reading on show. Have a book or poetry reading session there anytime!

Avail of a 10% discount for your next meal at Cafe Papemelroti! Just present a print out of this e-newsletter and give it to our staff there!

Cafe Papemelroti is open from 11AM to 9PM on Mondays to Thursdays and 11AM to 10 PM Fri & Sat, Closed on Sundays (For parties we may extend our hours upon prior request and open on Sundays by appointment). For special arrangements and reservations please call the cafe at 3726799 or 0917+5181050.

We hope you come drop by the cafe & gallery soon! Click here to view online map

Books for Less Updates!
NOW OPEN! The newest branch is now ready to serve you! The branch at Star Mall, Las Pinas is BFL's 7th branch. Watch out for the opening of BFL Casa Susana, Alabang which will also have a Papemelroti branch!

It's easy to find the book you need at Books for Less! Just e-mail or contact the TEXT Hotline at 630-9999 (no format needed). For other BFL inquiries please e-mail call 371-4539 for details. For branches and other information visit their website at

NEW Products from Papemelroti!
#9044 2005 Poster Scroll Calendars! Comes in 3 bright new designs for a bright new year! #9044-39 "Enjoy Life" and other words to live by, #9044-40 "Yesterday is history", and #9044-41 "This is the day the Lord has made!" 7.5" x 11" with palochina stick holders, 30g, Only P19.75 / $0.56.
Birdhouse Tic Tac Toe
New Angel Collections #1-1053-1 Kindness Isabel Angel with Bird, (Size 3"h x 1.5"w x 2"l, 55g) #1-1053-2 Love Isabel Angel with Cat (Size 2.5"h x 2"w x 2.5"l, 55g) and #1-1053-3 Joy Isabel Angel with Dog (Size 2.75"h x 2"w x 2"l, 55g). Each figure comes in matching #7133-150 Angel Kraft Bag with Tag with wishful words of blessing. P79 / $2.26 (Price includes the matching kraft bag). Click here to view online
Birthflower Collection Memo Clip Holders send a fragrant greeting to your loved one! See the first of a series come out! #1-1052-10 October Calendula Pot Memo Clip Holder, 5"h (w/ metal), 2"h (w/o metal) x 2"w x 2"l, 50g, #1-1052-11 November Chrysanthemum Pot Memo Clip Holder, 5.25" (w/ metal), 2" (w/o metal) x 2"w x 2.5"l, 55g, and December Narcissus Pot Memo Clip Holder, 4.75"h (w/ metal), 2.5"h (w/o metal) x 1.5"w x 3"l, 50g. All P79 / $2.26 each
New Games for young and old from Papemelroti! #1-1056 Heart and Flower Tic Tac Toe, 2.125"h x 4.25"w x 4.25"l, 450g, Price - P298/ $8.52 and #1-1055 Birdhouse Tic Tac Toe, 2.25"h x 4 5/8"w x 4 5/8"l, 650g, Price - P349 / $9.98. Each comes with box tied with twine to store play the 10 pieces (5 pcs. for each kind).
New Paper Pack Designs! #15-14 If you want to be happy, be. Quotations on Happiness and #15-15 God has woven the thorns of life into a Crown of Glory - Strength and Comfort for Life's Trials. P39.75 / $1.14 each
See more products at our shops!

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