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2004 Let Your Light Shine E-Newsletter

04 Nov 2004
Dear Friend,

In 1972, a survey by Psychology Today said that 23% of women and 15% of men in the US were dissatisfied with their appearance. By 1992, the figures rose to 43% of women and 38% of men. Overall dissatisfaction more or less doubled in a span of 20 years. Since I don't believe people have grown less attractive through the years (in fact I believe people today are becoming healthier, taller, generally more vibrant), it must be that more and more have felt 'substandard' with regards to beauty! Isn't that a pity?

The 7th verse in 2 Corinthians 4 says "We have this treasure in jars of clay". What exactly does that mean? It means that God has given us so much inside of us that is much more important than our physical appearance! We are works of art, masterpieces that, whether we know it or not, have yet to be discovered!

Maybe it really isn't how long your lashes are, the pointedness of your nose or your vital statistics, but the vibrance of your smile that comes from a joyful heart. Or the sparkle in your eyes born of the wisdom of past learnings. Or the swing in your walk from the confidence of God's love and mercy outpoured on your life! So let the jewel in you shine!

E-Newsletter Editor

In this Issue:Ways to ShineJewelry SALE!Guess-Who Game!
Cafe PapemelrotiBooks for Less!"Pa" of Papemelroti Goes Public!Hidden Treasure StoryInternational Coastal Cleanup Report
New Papemelroti Products

Ways to Shine
  • Focus on what's within. "Those who are content with the way they look, and who stay attractive throughout their lives, are most often those with well-tended souls." (from Victoria Moran's book Lit from Within). What is the state of your soul? Do you comb your unruly thoughts often and put the conditioner of positive thinking? Do you regularly apply the moisturizer called friendship fun that prevents dryness of life? Do you do the exercise of prayer to firm up your faith muscles, and apply "sin"block when you're out in the open field of temptation? Have you tried to "make-up" specially with those you haven't forgiven in years? These are only some of the beauty secrets that will surely last. What can you add to the list?
  • Knowing your worth is key to 'shining'! What is your strength? What is your favorite thing about yourself? Once you've identified these, rejoice and be grateful! Build on these traits and develop to the fullest. One must not also ignore one's flaws and weaknesses, rather embrace opportunities to overcome these.
  • Volunteer! A beautiful person is one who exudes a healthy outlook on life! A recent survey conducted by the Community Service Volunteers show that volunteering not only cures most illnesses but also helps in fighting obesity and cutting down on smoking! Initial findings of the survey show that nearly half of the respondents say volunteering has improved their physical health and fitness. Click here to see results online
  • As a people, we can also find ways to shine! The Philippines is oftentimes described by foreigners as a "paradise"! Without the harshness of winter climates or year-long draughts, one can plant, reap, and survive as long as one is hardworking and knowledgeable. Described as an environmental hotspot, our mammals, reptiles, and birds rank in the top six with regards to highest numbers of unique species (or endemic species, meaning they can only be seen on our shores!). Despite how small we are compared to other countries like Australia, our wildlife is relatively unknown by the common Pinoy. Our abundant resources are like hidden treasures that are frittered away by a select few (who understand its worth). Let's take pride in who we are as a people blessed with innate joy, music and laughter as well as our precious natural resources. Let's be aware of our riches and give value to them by trying our best to protect them.

Jewelry Sale!Get 20% off on all jewelry with item code #63 at every Papemelroti branch or online at our website! Only until supplies last!

Guess-Who Game! Who do you think is the mysterious lady looking over the balcony in the header picture above? Her face graces all the banner displays at all Papemelroti shops. She might not be a familiar face in the local press or movie scene but to everyone at Papemelroti, she is someone who possesses a timeless beauty and a multitude of exemplary qualities that shine!

Hint, hint: She is a crafty gal with loads of energy to work on her projects. She made toys for her children out of unused clorox bottles. She trained and taught 5 kids not to be wasteful and recycle as much as possible. She made something big by putting together something small (by putting together scraps of cloth and making a stuffed toy). Out of one stuffed toy, she built a whole business.

Got it? OR Give up? She's the "Kor" in Korben (Co-rit and Ben-ny) Corporation, the mother company of Papemelroti! "Corit" as she is fondly called, started Papemelroti as a young housewife. Her hobbies of crafts and sewing took on a life of its own as she never planned it to be more than one shop. With much of God's blessing on her and her family, she has continued to be the driving force of what we all now know as Papemelroti!

Cafe Papemelroti Tucked away at the corner of Roces Avenue and Sct. Tobias, Quezon City is Cafe Papemelroti. It's at the ground floor of Korben Place, the home of Papemelroti. Have you ever tasted our pizza!!! Now's your chance! Avail of a 10% discount for your next meal at Cafe Papemelroti! Just present a print out of this e-newsletter and give it to our staff there!

New on the Menu! More Rice Toppings for everyone! Choose from Chicken Adobo, Beef Stew, Braised Beef, or Chicken Pork Adobo. Each is P79, or with Dalandan drink P98 Also available now, Pork Cutlet (with choice of tomato sauce or gravy) also P98 (rice and Dalandan drink included) Pizza by the Slice! Now you can get your favorite pizza slices! Mozzarella Cheese P25 or Garlic Mushroom P28 per slice.

Great Value for our new Pasta, Pizza, Soupa Combos! Just add P20 for 1 slice (Mozzarella Cheese) or P23 (Garlic Mushroom) to the pasta of your choice and you've got more for less! For even more value, just add P50 to any Pasta and any flavor of our Regular Pizzas and you already get a scrumptious serving of Clam Chowder (regular price is P79).

Cafe Papemelroti is open from 11AM to 9PM on Mondays to Thursdays and 11AM to 10 PM Fri & Sat, Closed on Sundays (For parties we may extend our hours upon prior request and open on Sundays by appointment). For special arrangements and reservations please call the cafe at 3726799 or 0917+5181050.
We hope you come drop by the cafe & gallery soon! Click here to view online map

Books for Less Updates!It's easy to find the book you need at Books for Less! Just e-mail or contact the TEXT Hotline at 630-9999 (no format needed). For other BFL inquiries please e-mail or call 371-4539 for details. For branches and other information visit their website at

"Pa" of Papemelroti Goes Public!
  • October 6, 2004 Unang Hirit, Channel 7 - Papemelroti's very own Managing Director Patsy (the "Pa" in Papemelroti) Paterno demonstrates one of her most favorite hobbies - scrapbooking! She will be doing a scrapbook for a baby!
  • September 28, 2004, Breakfast at Studio 23, featured Patsy together with parents Corit and Benny! The interview theme was about families working together!
  • September 24, 2004, Magandang Umaga Bayan, Channel 2 - Patsy demonstrated how to make an originally designed Cat Cellphone Holder out of clay.
  • Patsy's collage artwork is presently on display at the Maryhill School of Theology Art Gallery. It is part of an exhibit of masterpieces with the different artistic expressions of the different chapters of the Book of John. Patsy's work is an interpretation of Chapter 12 depicting both bible times and modern times.
  • September 11, 2004 - Patsy gave a talk about how Papemelroti started with Galing Pilipino Movement. They are a corp of active and dedicated volunteers whose mission is to promote the Galing Pilipino spirit in their work. They hold regular meetings and have programs such as the Young Leaders Program and Bisita Pilipinas Program, etc. For inquiries contact GPM Foundation, Inc. Unit 252 Cityland Pioneer Condo., Pioneer St., Mandaluyong City, Tel. 631-3932 or 0917+8354829 or click over to
Hidden Treasure, a true story by John McNight
The most precious things in the world are not easily found. Gold, oil, diamonds - all take time and patience to find and cultivate. The same is true of people. More often than not, the most valuable thing a person has to offer is not in plain view. Unfortunately, most of us do not take the time or have the patience to search for the gems the eyes can't see. But I met a remarkable woman who does just that.

She went first to the home of a 42-year-old man named Joe. He was a product of a system that, despite its best intentions, labeled and limited him. After years of special education, society had concluded there just wasn't a place in it for someone like Joe. So, he was sent home to his family's pig farm. Every day he did 2 things. He fed the pigs each morning and night, and he sat in the living room, where he listened to the radio. After 4 days at Joe's house, my friend was thoroughly dejected. She could not find Joe's gift. "Then, on the 5th day I realized what his gift was, " she said. "Joe listens to the radio."

It might not sound like much, but to her it was a treasure. "After talking with those in the community, I found out there were 3 people in town who listened to the radio, and got paid for it," she said. "One was in the sheriff's office, one was in the police department, and the third was in the local civil defense and volunteer ambulance office." She went to each of these places to see if she could match Joe's gift with one of them.

The civil defense and ambulance office was located in a donated house that doubled as the neighborhood community center. It was a busy place, full of activities. It was perfect. She told the dispatcher, "I know somebody who listens to the radio as much as you do. I'd like to introduce him to you." Now, every day, Joe shares the office listening to the radio and helping the dispatcher. When Christmas came, the volunteers at the ambulance station gave Joe his own CB radio to listen to at home in the evening.

One day, he went to the local diner. "Hey Joe, what's happening?", the owner casually asked. Joe looked at him and replied, "The Smith house over in Boonesville burned down this morning. And out on Route 90, at that turnoff where you can have picnics, there was a drug bust. And Mr. Schiller over in Athens had a heart attack." The diner fell silent, as all eyes turned to Joe. Everyone in the diner realized that if they wanted to know what was happening, Joe was the man to see. To the best of my knowledge, this is the only town in the United States that now has the benefit of a bonafide, old-fashioned town crier.

When I last spoke to my friend, she told me she had taken Joe to meet the editor of the newspaper. It occurred to her that although the town was small, he couldn't possibly know everything that was happening in the community. But, every day by noon, Joe knew. So now he is a stringer for the local newspaper.

Thanks to my friend's efforts, Joe, a man nearly written off by society, has become an inspiration - a valuable resource to his community. But it would never have happened if one person hadn't dug a little deeper, searched a little longer, and tried a little harder, to find Joe's true potential. How many more Joes are out there, just waiting for someone to take the time to discover what they have to offer? If you look long enough, there's a treasure waiting to be found in each and everyone of us. (from the book Stone Soup for the World, Life-Changing Stories of Kindness & Courageous Acts of Service, edited by Marianne Larned)

If you would like to help find the hidden potential in people like Joe, join other volunteers! Contact Guide, Inc., a non-profit organization that helps children with special needs including orphaned, abandoned as well as street children. You can help in tutoring, teaching art, help facilitate summer camps, counsel and do sports. Preferred skill for volunteers - have Psychology background. Contact Guide Inc., 906-C I. Trinidad St., Vergara, Mandaluyong City 1551 / Cel: 0917+8437758

International Coastal Cleanup Report Many people asked me how the cleanup went - it went well! If you were along Roxas Blvd. that day, September 18, you would have seen Manila Bay lined up with hundreds of people all decked out to clean! All over the country, people were taking the business of cleaning up coastal garbage into their hands and became part of the solution. Groups like WWF had 500 people in Dumaguete, several schools like St. Theresa's also participated. YPNet has earmarked November 5, Saturday for their next waterway Quezon City area. Join in and see your country be transformed right before your very eyes! Next year, mark your calendars, 3rd Saturday of September! Contact YPNET by e-mailing

NEW Products from Papemelroti!
#9040 New 2005 Planners! Get your favorite design before they all run out! Click here to view and order them online
  • #7174 Colored Gift Cards with all new designs for birthdays, all occasion, calling cards and Christmas! Size 3" x 2.5" P10 / $0.29 per pack of 10 cards Click here to see all our new designs
  • #9098 Doorknob Hangers - back by popular demand! These new designs will surely be useful for you! Includes hanger designs: "Silence Please", "Guardian Angel on Duty", "Creative Minds are Rarely Tidy, enter at your own risk", "Housekeeping in Progress" and many more! #9098 - P4.75/$0.14 eachSize 10 1/4" x 1 1/8" Click here to see all our new designs
  • #1-1051 House Memo Clip Holder, ideal for family giveaway tokens for Christmas and housewarmings, 2.5 cm x 2.5 cm cube, P59.75 / $1.70 Discounted price - (for an order of 50 pcs. or more) - P47.80 / $1.36
  • New Box and Scrapbook Labels matching Memorabilia and Elyse designed wrappers!
  • New Designs of Greeting Cards! Early Christmas shoppers (wholesalers and distributors, take note!) Also for corporate greeting needs. Now you can select from 6 new Christmas designs! 2 new Birthday designs too! See them online at our Christmas Card page!
  • New 2005 Wall Calendar now available! #7004-6 Cherish Yesterday, Dream Tomorrow, Live today design with inspirational quotes and sayings for every month! More planners to come very soon!
  • #206 Handmade Specialty Paper - ideal for crafts, invitations, projects, special wrappings and others! Comes in a variety of colors and textures! Giftwrapper size - P59 / $1.69, Size 8.5" x 11" (21.6 x 27.9 cm) 6 sheets per pack - P75 / $2.15, Size 8.5" x 13" ( 21.6 x 33 cm), 6 sheets per pack - P89 / $2.55
  • #152 Sailor Frames, whitewashed picture frames in soft colors with a natural rustic style. P360 / $10.29
  • #70-281-2 Shelf Mirror with drawer in natural color and whitewash pastels P1,350 / $38.58
  • #70-282-1 Picture Window Mirror - Give a whole new meaning to picture window! P1,950 / $55.72
  • See more products at our shops!
Hey! You've reached the bottom of this super long e-newsletter! Congratulations! You've found a "hidden treasure promo"! Get 1 free #7500 notebook (any design of your choice) by presenting a printout this e-newsletter with your P100 or more cash purchase at any Papemelroti branch! Hurry while supplies last only!

Papemelroti branches are located at: SM City North EDSA 9285828, SM Fairview 9393594, Ali Mall Cubao 9111267, SM Centerpoint 7161580, Glorietta II 8935477, SM Southmall 8064578, SM Megamall 6341270, Sta Lucia East Grand Mall, Robinson's Place Manila, 91 Roces Avenue 3751069/ 3742442.

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