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craft workshop manila

Artisan's Workshop

Your special workshop place is here!
We are at the heart of busy Quezon City to be everyone's go-to-place for creative expression!

This is the perfect place to share your passion for arts and crafts!
It's a charming, cozy and well-lighted place that inspires joy and creativity!
Whether you are a new teacher or have been regularly holding classes,
we would love to work with you!

Inquire today!
See rates and details

Workshop Teacher Registration

Hold a class with us and share the joy of arts and crafts!


Seating and work area for 40 participants
Sound system
Widescreen TV for laptop connection and you can connect a video camera to show your work on the screen
Cozy and creative ambience
Relaxing music
Free social media promotion
Washup area
Participant Sign up and Reservation service 
Venue is easily accessible by public transport
Parking slots (and allowed additional roadside parking on Sct. Castor)

To schedule an event: 

Pencil booking is allowed for 3 days

Size for promotional images
Header image - Size 1920 x 1080 pixels
Ad image - 1,200 pixels wide by 628 pixels tall

You may send us photos to edit and use for the publicity materials or you may also send us the final art.

For more information you may also
call Lyn at 3742442 / 3751069 

Learn more

Choose your Package Rates

For the workshops and classes you will conduct,
you have a free hand in the fees you will offer your students.

Our current promo rates for use of the venue is:

Package A
Only 10% of the class fee
(maximum of 3 hours, 11am to 8pm on weekdays)
20% of the class fee
(8am to 11am on Saturdays)
*A separate area will be open to walk-in customers

Package B
Only ₱3000 for 3 hours + ₱500 for each succeeding hour for weekdays
Only ₱3500 for 3 hours + ₱500 for each succeeding hour for Saturdays
*Venue will be exclusive for your event
*50% downpayment is required to confirm your time slot

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